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Welcome back to ChristmasCartoonCavalcade.com, even if it's your first time here we welcome you! We proudly present you with our recently updated collection of Christmas Cartoons and other Holiday Videos to share with your family & friends to enjoy. Everyone is welcome! You don't need to be a Christian to visit our site and enjoy these videos.

All of the films shown on this website have fallen into public domain. You must also understand that these films are over 60 years old. They were made at a time when life was much simpler and prejudice was an acceptable part of our culture. Some of the videos contained here, do not reflect the values of todays society. There was no such thing as political correctness in the USA back then.

"We offer these films as a part of our history. They are not meant to degrade, embarrass or insult any person, race or nationality. We must not erase our history. Good or bad, it's our heritage and we should learn it. We must know and understand our mistakes of the past, so they are never repeated again in the future. If we try and erase our past, we are doomed to live it again! (originaly posted here 10/14/2004)

Another year has come and gone. 2022 has just flown by. 2023 is knocking at the front door. A once in a lifetime pandemic is still lingering on. COVID-19 keep pushing it's ugly little head with no end in sight. It has been an awful 3 year. But no matter how bad it is or becomes, we will get through this together!

The human race has been through hell and back many times over the past 2.5 million years that we have walked the face of the earth. Every single time we came back stronger and better. Since the last pandemic over 100 years ago, there has arguably been more inventions and creations than any other time in recorded history, so I know we will bounse back, stronger than ever!

To those of you returning again from last year, we thank you for coming back. You will notice some new offerings since last year. We were hoping you enjoy all of our upgrades.

We would like to take a moment wish you all, a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year in 2023 and a Wonderfully Joyous Holiday Season. For all the families who had family or friends lost to covid-19 and first responders and any others, who are or were directly impacted by this pandemic, are thoughts and pryers are with you. We hope to see you back next year (tell your friends), happy and healthy.

P.S. We have added the traditional Christmas "Yule Log" video. 3 hours of un interupted holiday music, while sitting by the fireplace. Click here

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